Art by Sabina Influence Map Picture

Saw this meme on deviantArt and I just had to do it! These are all the things that influenced me and my art. Here's the breakdown!

1. Final Fantasy IV – Also known as Final Fantasy II when I was growing up, this game was a huge influence on my love of fantasy. It also encouraged me to draw, and some of my earliest drawings are of mini-bosses from the game. I fell in love with the story, the characters, and of course, the gorgeous artwork. Final Fantasy IV will always be my favorite game.
2. Sailor Moon – This TV show changed everything for me when I first watched it. It was so cool to see a teenage girl take on crazy monsters with the power of the moon. Watching Sailor Moon and her friends take on evil totally inspired me to keep improving my art skills in middle school. By the time I finished middle school, I had filled up a few notebooks with nothing but Sailor Moon inspired drawings.
3. Ultima Online – This was the very first MMORPG I ever played, and this fantasy game definitely captured my imagination. I’d spend hours drawing my character’s armor, along with the monsters from the game.
4. Runaways – Marvel got something right with this comic – it was different from other comics or superhero stories I had read previously. Along with the art, I truly enjoyed reading about Gertrude, Molly, Nico, and the others.
5. Don Bluth – I loved Don Bluth movies growing up. Thumbelina, The Land Before Time, and The Secret of NIMH were my favorites. I always enjoyed his art style – similar to Disney, but with its own unique touch.
6. Luca Turilli / Metal Music – When I listened to Luca Turilli’s Demonheart, I immediately just want to draw my heart out. Metal music, especially power metal, always gets my creative juices flowing, and I find myself wanting to draw all the epic storylines from each song.
7. My Little Pony (80s) – Growing up, I loved watching “Firefly’s Adventure.” I loved watching these colorful ponies fight off evil threats. Each pony had their own personality, power, and style. I loved it!
8. World of Warcraft – Another MMORPG that inspired me creatively. I loved drawing my troll rogue and other characters that I created. The art style was fun too!
9. Legend of Zelda Series – Zelda was another game I spent many hours playing as a kid. It was fun getting to ride Epona through Hyrule, as well as meet all the different sages. The art style was one that definitely influenced me.
10. Xena, Warrior Princess – This show had everything! Kickbutt girls, swords, armor, and monsters! I loved all the different mythologies that were incorporated into the show. There’s a reason why I can do the Xena warcry so perfectly – I wanted to be her!
11. J. Scott Campbell – I LOVE J. Scott Campbell’s fantasy calendars! I used to buy them every year. I just love the way he draws noses and lips…and eyes…everything!
12. The Last Unicorn – This movie was a big inspiration to me as a kid. It fostered my love for unicorns by starring one! I loved the art style, the story, and the characters. I didn’t understand everything at first when I was young – just that I knew I liked it. Now that I am older, I definitely have a deeper appreciation for the movie and the book.

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