Silence is Gold_Influence Map Picture

I saw “influence maps” all around DA, presenting small stories about many artists. I found it very interesting and I wanted to do one myself. Although I would like to note that a great influence over me, at the themes and the whole edit of my drawings, were many books, mythologies, History of Art and CD albums.


1 Yoshitaka Amano (especially “Vampire Hunter D” & “Dream Hunters”..ok maybe all)
2 Ayami Kojima (absolutely all her works)
3 Louis Royo (especially “Tattoo Works”, “Millennium” and “Dead Moon”)
4 Brom
5 John Howe
6 Joseph Michael Linsner
7 Kaori Yuki
8 James O’Barr (his “Crow “ work)
9 Gustave Dore
10 Durer

Credit to the owner [link]
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