20 things of love Picture

Initially the title was "20 things you love and one who loves you"
This is a picture that I spent many many hours on. I know of a ton of mistakes, but I really dont' care. I drew this for ~artemis251 's 20th birthday which is sunday, but I already gave him the picture- so I can put it here. I'm really reallly proud of how it came out- took many tries and failures before getting it right.

the things in this drawing from top left- right then down:

Parasaurolophus (His fave. dinosaur)
Horus Eye (Egyptian Mythology)
Cygnus the Swan (constallation)
Ness (Earthbound, Super Smash Bros)
Master Sword (Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Magicarp (Pokemon)
SNES Controller
Triforce (Zelda games)
Mr. Saturn (Earthbound)
Me D-20 (20 sided dice- used in D&D)
Kawachi (Yakitate Japan)
Sokka (The Avatar)
Jayne (Firefly)
Artie (Pete and Pete)
Luigi (Nintendo games -- lots of them)
Vincent (Final Fantasy 7, Advent Children)
Jigglypuff (Pokemon)
Artemis (Sailor Moon)
Colored Pencils as they're his favorite thing to use to color.
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