[Werewolf] Design Picture


Not a werewolf in the conventional sense. Would you like to know more?

So my character Kaytus (AnK) has been a werewolf almost since he was created (artistically, not born in the story). And although it kinda meshed with my Esarians (those transform into dragons) it left the question open of "why aren't there other "were" types. Which made my cry because I couldn't answer that. So misery and what-not.


Werewolves are another type of half-Esarian (reference my redesign of Yume for an explanation of the "demon" form of half) fav.me/d5a5ky1.
Edit: A better overview of Demon Types: fav.me/d7hnmrw
and a better overview of Wolf Types: fav.me/d7hyljb

Form: This is therapsid based NOT wolf or even mammal based. The "wolf" part only comes from a superficial resemblance to a wolf. This is actually a malformed Esarian body form.

So for the back and forth comparisons:
Esarians: hexapodal (wings), scutes on digits, primitive-hair body cover, very short, about 3x larger than human form, most have ears (exception: Reds) and horns,long-tailed, level backed, black markings
Wolves: quadroped, scutes on digits, primitive-hair body cover, longer and more full, especially on the chest, tail and midback, about 1.5-2x larger than human form, very long ears with ribs made of horn-like tissue on the back at the base, short-tailed, hunch backed (leads to an awkward walking gate, but a smooth, springing run), there are blackmarkings, but they are on the skin and not the hair. You'd have to shave one down to see a wolve's marks.

Explanation of how it all works: Basically, this type of half can transform, but has more strict rules than the full Esarians and the form is different. For the rules, the 'werewolves' (named for the mythology, aren't the people of AnK super-duper original) need to transform at least once per 'cycle.' How long a cyle last depends on the individual. And though I supposed it's possible that one would have a cycle that coincidently coorosponds with the moon phases, the moon has nothing to do with anything. So long as the half does this transformation, they can live out their happy, normal lives. And if they don't, they enter into a countdown cyle. During this time, tehy cannot transform, and once the countdown ends, they are forced into teh other form and temporarily lose who they are and run about like psychotic animals. This state usually lasts about 24 hours but can last up to a week.

Advantage: No crest. So these guys aren't logged by the DIA (department of Internatioal Affairs) even though they can transform.

Real words (as in not invented for my story) if you don't know them:
Therapsid: proto-proto mammals, mammalian reptiles google about for some wodnerful images
Scutes: A scalelike bodycovering. They usually do not overlap (exception pangolin). Exhibited on, to name a few, birds feet, crocodillians and some mammals.

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