DA #8: Seed Gem Application Picture

Gem Type: Such as Quartz, Diamond, Pearl, etc.
Name: (If your gem has a name, such as Hope Diamond, Jane, etc)
Name History: (Where their name came from)
Age: (New Gem, Gem, Ancient Gem)
Planet of Birth: (Feel free to make any planet you want up!)
Planet of Residence: (Ditto)
Sigil: (The Nestled Moons, The Fire Diamond, Truth's Eye, Questioning Eye, The Thunderous Fist, The Growing Stone, The Shattered Planet)
Rank: (Seer, Warrior, Builder, Creator, Diplomat, River Singer)
Powers: Non-weapon based abilities and elemental powers
Weapon: Summoned Weapon (if you also use a physical weapon, include it here)
Background: A paragraph about their history.
Currently: A paragraph about their life now.

The Seed Gem canon is an open canon, made for the group
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