BV App ll Parn Picture

Yes, I'm using all my Zodiac characters for all my future apps until I end up using all 14. I just love them too much hnnng.

And nope, for this one I won't make any references to the actual mythological Priest Parn other than his name and all.

Full Name; Parn Perte
Age; 22 years
D.O.B Winter 2
Gender; Male
Height; 6'4"
Weight; 171 lbs.


Occupation; Teahouse
Aspirations; He strives to become wealthy and successful but above everything else make a change in the world.

Hobbies; Reading, Engineering, Sleeping, Listening to music

Loves; Honey Wine
Likes; Jade, Hot Milk, Coffee, Pumpkin, Grape, Honey, Honey Tea, Scrap Metal, Pirate Treasure
Dislikes; Miso, Failed Dishes, Party Cake, Chocolate Banana, Junk Ore, Truffle
Hates; Big Pincer Beetle


The male can be very calm and reserved and typically is. He has a very spontaneous and dark sense of humor. A very notable trait of his is that he's incredibly durable and endure things for very long as well as being a sort of determinator. He often lacks emotion on the outside and is full of sarcasm and subtle wit. He tends to try and be logical and rational in his thinking. Parn is extremely cautious to multiple things such as heights. Whether or not he's serious may be difficult to determine and he pays little attention to that fact. Unfortunately, due to his workaholic tendencies he can be put under enormous strain. When he's stressed he ends up being very capricious. At these points he will make outbursts far more often and be more bitter than usual. He is not the most friendly person out there but is very loyal. One may assume he's socially awkward. He wishes to stick to a schedule but can be quite a pushover after you get past his stubborn side. He may come off as greedy but his intentions are split half and half- selfish and need to be stable.

Parn grew up on a financially stable family. He had spent quite a bit of his time studying multiple subjects and experimenting with various building materials throughout his childhood. He was always independent and stayed that way. When he reached his early teens he was trying to evade a typical bully by the means of water and he ended up getting a phobia of water ever since. Otherwise nothing out of the ordinary happened in his life before he decided to move to Bluemist Vale.

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