Ereshkigal Picture

This is a detailed color drawing depicting the goddess Ereshkigal. She is the goddess of Death, the Dead, and the Netherworld in Babylonian and Sumerian myths, legends, and spiritual / religious traditions. She is neither truly evil nor truly good, and her rivalry with her sister Ishtar is the stuff of legends. Ereshkigal rules as a queen from her city of seven gates in the Land of No Return, and is the equivalent to the Greek goddess Persephone and the Roman goddess Proserpine just as Ishtar is the direct equivalent to the Greek goddess Aphrodite and the Roman goddess Venus. Ereshkigal is depicted here holding an ornate scythe, the traditional symbol of Death. The crescent moon in her hair links her to the goddess traditions of the ancient world, an elegant touch for a grim but beautiful goddess. In keeping with the notion of her being the goddess of Death, I made Ereshkigal in this image very Goth in appearance, to highlight her pale form and accentuate her nature. Ereshkigal is also known as Ganzir, and the gate of her domain is known as the Gate of Ganzir, which none who are living are permitted to pass.
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