Art366 115 Nahara Picture

Nahara the Bull Headed Woman,4/24/16

Nahara is representative of the unconscious anima and animus, she is a non hostile animal spirit that dwells between the spirit world and the unconscious dream state. She takes the form of an immortal woman donning a bull's mask. She is representative of the connection of masculine and feminine energy and the primal, animalistic side of humanity. She often acts as a spirit guide within dreams, guiding people to themselves in a dream like state. Most, upon reaching enlightenment, claim to see her begin to take off her mask before a blinding light causes them to awaken, both literally and spiritually.

She is related to the next quick piece, Arietta the Moon Nymph. Nahara is responsible for enlightenment, the guidance through nightmares and dreams, and the balance of masculine and feminine energy. She never speaks, and interacts with those she encounters through guttural noises and simple gesturing, this is in connection to the fact that her words cannot reach the unenlightened.

These 2 pieces I'm posting are about character design within mythology and folklore, and how it differs from both fiction and game/comic character developments.
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