OC Meme Picture

This is in response to me being tagged by Moo Doom1...several months ago. Oops. I couldn't find the exact same one, but this one is pretty similar.

This meme is not mine. I got the blank from gutter child's deviant site.

All OC's on this meme belong to me. NO STEALING, or I'll send the ninja faun after you.

Most of my comments are at the bottom of the meme, but I'll elaborate a little.

The art is fail because 1, I cannot draw; 2, I cannot draw with a mouse; and 3, the only art program I have is MS Paint. These are just basic, blobby representations of my characters.

About the characters:
COYOTE is a mythological trickster whose most famous stories come from the Native American tradition. He is a glutton and a pervert, among other things. RABBIT (full name: Light Rabbit) is the son of the moon. He is highly intellectual and compassionate. SALATHIELLY is a (female) elf librarian at Coyote's house. She is an OC that on other sites doubles as myself. (This explains 13.) OSAR is Coyote's butler and at least half nymph. He wears a kilt and has a rather non-existent personality. CREATURE is a mysterious tentacled mass that likes to cook. It likes to hang around Osar. CECIL is from 1920's rural Ohio. He had an accident involving Time. He was also my great-grandfather's brother. (This somewhat explains the "incest" joke in 5.) The CHICKENS are sentient and more than a little evil. They are "friends" with Cecil. TWILLIT is a faun ninja with a love for sharp and pointy objects. SHADOW RABBIT is Rabbit's twin sister. She commands the army of the moon. (The) MOON is...the Moon. She is the mother of Rabbit, Shadow, and many other rabbits. She has an interesting sense of humor and absolutely no naming sense.

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