OCs - Skoll and Hati Picture

Skoll: I wanna eat the sun!
Hati: And.. I.. I would like.. to eat the moon..., please?

My new OC~♥ :3
It's quite long time that I created an OC which is not for RP community. =v=~

Skoll (left) and Hati (right)
I based them on the story of two wolfs in Norse Mythology.
I have plan to draw them in teenage form later~♥ :3

Short Info of them
(beware of incorrect structure and error grammar XDDD )

Skoll and Hati were borned in deep forest. No one knows about their parents or their origin. Just they are there when everyone noticed. They always are together all the time. Skoll is a little older than Hati, stronger and reliable. While Hati, the younger one, is quite shy and kind. Skoll usually protect Hati when he was bulied by other bigger animal. (well, don't count that sometime Skoll is the one who scolds Hati too. XD~) But they were little so they can't fight by just physical power. They usually get beated up. So they try to avoid the others, and lived together just two of them.

One day, they can kill a bird as their meal, but was taken by others. Even Skoll and Hati tried their hard to fight back but it was useless. The enemies laughed at them seeing their useless fighting. Skoll was furious and blew a flame. The enemies ran away then. Skoll leant his ability to control Fire since that time. Hati later knew his ability to control Ice.

Somehow, after that day, Skoll desires to grow up bigger as that he can eat the sun in the sky. So they don't get beaten up again. Hati, knowing his brother's desire, secretly decides that someday he'll be the one who protect Skoll. If Skoll want to be bigger enough to eat the sun, he'll be one who take the moon.

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