Moonlight Magic Picture

This is a picture of Onedia with her brother Erufin.

Her name is a combination of 'orenda' (an Algonquin word for 'magic') and 'Medea' (my favorite female in mythology). She is the Mistress of Illusions and Queen of the Tricksters (malevolent faeries); Goddess of dreams, visions, magic, illusion, curses, fantasy, beauty, and unattainable love. She tends to fall in love with unattainable people (including a god of destruction and chaos who didn't care much for romance), and this instance is no exception.

When her brother Erufin was born, her gift to him was blessings of beauty, charm, and the arts. She practically raised him while her sisters were out ruling over the seasons, and ended up falling in love with him. Now before you scream inscest let me remind you that these kinds of relationships are the norm within a pantheon in various mythologies.

She never let him know how she felt, for he looked up to her as a big sister. Either way, their love was never meant to be because Erufin had taken a vow of chastity so that he would not ever try to overthrow his father. Onedia was always over-protective of him, and woe to those who insulted her brother or tried to flirt with him in any way. For she was a jealous and two-faced goddess, having little patience with mortals. Though warm and beautiful to those she favors, she is quick to anger and her wrath is terrible and cruel.

Here she is guiding a parade of trickster pretending to be faeries. It's drawn in marker and pencil.
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