True Runes of Night and Sun (Flatcolor) Picture

Hi people. I have an obsession with a game called Suikoden. It's one of my oldest and dearest loves. I was playing the other day and got the bright idea to convert the 27 true runes into ponies.

Since the true runes are godlike, I knew they had to be alicorns.

I ran into a biiit of a problem. There's only like 16 of them even named, and fewer still that have symbols! So I am just going to make up cutie marks for them, and redraw the runes for cutie marks for the ones that do. (I am dreading Sun already)

Anyway, this is Night Rune and Sun Rune. In Suikoden mythology, they used to be one rune. Night split itself off from Sun and turned itself into a sword, leaving behind the remnants Dawn and Twilight. That's as basic as I will get, and expansive as I care to right now.

I was worried about designing these, even though I love the story behind them. Why? A hell of a lot like Luna and Celestia. So I picked black as a coat color, and beady star-like accessories for Night. Then with her hair, purple is actually a pretty common thing around twilight so I thought a pale purple to reflect that a bit plus the silver of the moon and starlight. Let's also just go on record and say that because of that lightning right now the sky turned that shade of purple. Sun I picked bright and warm sunny colors, and I am hoping if I shade and shine Sun's flowing accessories will pop out too. She really looks like sunshine.

Night governs the creatures of the night, so nocturnal animals, zombies, vampires, skeletons, ghosts, and other undead nasties are her domain. She can cause things to happen that normal methods of doing it cannot. She governs darkness, shadow, and negative emotion. As with allowing dark creatures to exist, she can stop their existence. She is cold and cruel, vicious and unforgiving. She cloaks and hides, providing cover and taking it away in the same swoop. She is dangerous, as all True Runes are. Night is two-timing and not to be toyed with, acting beyond the realm of mortal comprehension.

Sun is a creature of warmth and light. She can be nurturing to the point of insanity, loving with enough force to drive one past a point of return. Her impulse control is lacking, and her rage burns down entire countries. She is often seen scheming, coming up with plans to completely destroy her enemies when she cannot act immediately. She does things as they come to her, with blinding effects to those around her. She is picky, loving only those who she deems fit. In which case, she will love them and drive them to do things they never thought they had the capability. With so much brightness, she drags blind subjects along with her ever changing whims.

How do I even categorize this when its based on a game but are in a pony thing? I dunno Ill do my usual.
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