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Character I created for an RPG thats going on in a group I'm a member of on IMVU.com

Name : Dorien [nickname : Dori]
(Descendant of Dorus. Dorian was a character in Oscar Wilde's novel The Picture of Dorian Gray who was given his wish that his portrait would age while he remained young and handsome.)
Age : Unknown
Gender : Male
Other Info: Dori is a magic user. He started as an apprentice to the "town excentric" and after his master was murdered Dori fled his hometown because he was blamed for it. After wandering for weeks without anything to eat and only water he could steal from wells or drink from rivers and lakes, Dori finally collapsed in a yard where an old, rundown cottage stood. He was discovered and taken in by its owner, a witch who appeared to be in her 20s. She was actually over 100 though. Her real age was unknown to her.
The witch took Dori in and nursed him back to health. She then reluctantly taught him the magic she knew.
Every type of magic requires some sort of sacrifice. The magic she knew was a type that reversed aging (so to say). Instead of growing older, she would grow younger. Her age would change depending on the power of the spell. There were spells out there so powerful that, if used, would kill her instantly.
Once her real age reached that of double the normal lifespan she would die. Or if she could even magic herself to the fetal stage which would also result in instant death.
Even though she explained all this to Dori, he still took up this magic.
Decades passed and Dori aged a little. He would only use simple spells that didn't do too much damage. He spent his days fixing up the cottage, learning (but not always using) many spells. She taught him how to cook, clean, and many other vital skills necessary for everyday life. (ones that he didn't know already.)
He awoke one morning to find the witch (who now had a three year old appearance) laying on the couch. When he tried to wake her she wouldn't. She had passed on in her sleep. Alone once again, Dori set out once again with no real goal or purpose.
He remembered stories the witch had told him of people traveling through dimensions. So he decided he would give it a try. He began searching for a being who could help him achieve this. After a month he found someone who could help. Before hearing the price he agreed to it.
The someone he found was an evil wizard who charged unfair prices for his help.
In exchange for the power to travel to another dimension the wizard stole Dori's eyesight.
Dori arrived in the new dimension in one of the worst predicaments yet. He had arrived at the palace of a Goddess. Her name was Zhū Què and she had been attacked and left for dead (yes, even though she was a goddess she was still vulnerable because people had begun to doubt her which caused her powers to dwindle).
Wanting to help, Dori offered half of his life to restore hers.
Something went wrong during the spell though. The goddess was turned into a small bird-like creature. Unable to face her people this way the goddess offered to be Dori's eyes as a thankyou for saving her life.
Now that she had someone believing in her again, Zhū Què was able to use her powers again to some extent. She was unable to turn herself back, but she could channel her power into Dori thus increasing his abilities.
The two left Zhū Què's world and began traveling to other worlds...

Name: Zhū Què [nickname : Zhū]
(The Vermilion Bird [Chinese: 朱雀; pinyin: Zhū Què, literally "Vermilion Sparrow"] is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. According to Wu Xing, the Taoist five-elemental system, it represents the fire-element, the direction south, and the season summer correspondingly. Thus it is sometimes called the Vermilion Bird of the South [南方朱雀, Nán Fāng Zhū Què]. It is often mistaken for the Fenghuang due to similarities in appearance, but the two are different creatures. The Fenghuang is the king of birds, while the Vermilion Bird is a mythological spirit creature of the Chinese constellations.)
Other Info: To use Zhū Què's magic, Dori must unlock 1-7 "gates". Like the other Four Symbols, the Vermilion Bird corresponds to seven "mansions", or positions, of the moon.

Well (Chinese: 井; pinyin: Jǐng )
Ghost (Chinese: 鬼; pinyin: Guǐ )
Willow (Chinese: 柳; pinyin: Liǔ )
Star (Chinese: 星; pinyin: Xīng )
Extended Net (Chinese: 張; pinyin: Zhāng )
Wings (Chinese: 翼; pinyin: Yì )
Chariot (Chinese: 軫; pinyin: Zhěn )
[The Vermilion Bird is an elegant and noble bird in both appearance and behavior, it is very selective in what it eats and where it perches, with its feathers in many different hues of reddish orange.]

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