Adopt #2: Sailor Sedna (SOLD!) Picture

Hey, I'm on a roll! I needed to take a break from my most recent piece. Adopts are a nice way to channel those juices while staying in design practice

Here's my take on a Sailor Sedna! More than just a dwarf moon, Sedna is the Inuit goddess of sea creatures and ruler of the Underworld. In most of Sedna's stories, she is depicted as a strong woman who must rebel against the imposing suitors and other men she is expected to become betrothed to. However, her love of the ocean and all of it's monsters are where her heart truly lies. In this depiction, I've given Sedna traditional facial and wrist tattoos, often adorned by Inuit women. Her brooch and the other embellishments of her outfit form a Narwhal, an arctic toothed whale.

Adopt Price: $20 (via PayPal)
SOLD!: Shade-Lover31

Sailor Sedna Design (c) GabiStar
Sailor Sedna Owned by (c) Shade-Lover31
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