Todirep -Peridot OC- Picture

Finally MADE TODI A REF! UGGGGGG! Now on to Lraep!!
I made the art but I didn't make the background slide that belongs to Cartoon Network, I just wanted to be hip.

Full Name: Todirep (Self Designation)
Pronunciation: Ta Dee Re P
Nickname/Alias: Todi
ID Number: Facet 6B9J Cut JK8

Gender: Genderless (Male Pronouns)
Orientation: Pan
Real Age: 189 Earth Year
Birthday: Early June
Birthplace: Alpha Kindergarten on Planet Repek 8S-D5
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Zodiac Sign: Dragon

Species: Gem (Peridot)
Ethnicity: Oxide
Blood Type: None
Preferred Hand: Left
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Pale Pea Green
Complexion: Small Scratches
Build: Lithe
Height: 4'9''
Weight: 35lbs
Shoe Size: Size 5PR
Birthmarks/scars: A few Scratches

Health: Scratched but in moderately good health.
Energy: To much energy
Memory: Moderate Memory
Senses: Normal Senses
Allergies: Hydrochloric Acid
Handicaps: Has a Case of Permanent Pixie Glitch
Medication: PG Repression and Touch Inhibitors
Phobias: Nyctophobia
Addictions: Anime
Mental Disorders: PTSD

Mood: Usually bubbly and happy
Expressiveness: Very expressive and wants EVERYONE to know how happy or sad he is.
When Happy: Will fidget excitedly and scamper around.
When Depressed: He will curl up in his cape and cry.
When Angry: Stamps his feet and shouts, and tears up.
Wardrobe: Formal Peridot Pilot suite Model 12XD- 892J and a Amethyst Cape
Equipment: Peridot Era 1 Limb Enhances Kiss the Moon Edition, K03M- XC2
Accessories: Not Many
Grooming: Cleans himself
Habits and Mannerisms: He has a nervous habit of stuttering
Scent: Smells like dust and old books

Upbringing:Todirep was born in the Alpha Kindergarten on Planet Repek 8S-D5. He was a regular Peridot and was assigned to Class 03-SD. He was sorted to become a Fighter Pilot. However war isn't flowers and victory... It's death destruction and heart ache. He hated the war, he hated bombing civilians with Geodes, every assignment was beginning to wear him thin. Soon he got fed up and devised a plan to escape. Using his above average hacking skills he marked herself as shattered on his last mission, stole a cargo ship and fled to the Wrong side of the tracks, (The northern part of the Milky way that is notorious for war and crime.). There he converted the Ship to his base and devoted all his time to hacking into banks and bank accounts stealing millions of bit coin to live life in secret. He constantly messes with people and over all just is a complete douche bag to anyone he marks as a threat. He used the stolen bit-coin that he obtained to get an illegal Pearl in whom was named Lreap.

Occupation: Ex Fighter Pilot
Work Ethnic: Who needs Sleep
Rank: Working Class
Income: However much he can steal at the moment.
Funds: Millions of Bitcoin
Prized Possession: His Cape

IQ: 310 (Average Peridot)
Education: Vondrech University
Grade: A
Social Stereotype: Sociopathic Geek
Degrees: Degree in Ship Engineering

Current Residence: Drifting through the stars on the wrong side of the tracks.
Bosses: No One
Followers: 2 on his StarGram
Heroes: Mew Mew Kissy Cutie
Rivals: Dot

(Uhhh NSFW part)
Lovers: ???
Marital Status: Single
Sex Life
Continue Reading: Moon