In the beginning Picture

For my exhibition I wanted to practise painting human beings as well, because I haven't painted or drawn them much. So I painted a couple of Finnish musicians - this is Esa Holopainen from Amorphis (Finnish metal band with influences from folk music and progressive rock, Esa is the guitarist-songwriter-founder member). Amorphis‘ lyrical themes are based on Finnish mythology and I have read that nature is inspiring element to Esa, so there's forest scenery in the background. And I just wanted to include some animal in this painting and somehow I ended up to a wolf. Well, to be honest - originally I got an idea of shaman with wolf and moon, and I was going to paint shaman as a man with tattoos, long hair and blue eyes. Probably due to that I ended up another option…

Oh yes, I also decided to add Esa’s horoscope sign, which is Libra.

Yeah,I should to learn to paint better human beings! I still see pretty much mistakes, like the face is too long. But yeah, before I haven’t painted people and I do want to learn to paint them, so this was more like a practise to me. This is a first step!

Naturally this painting is named after Amorphis' song In the Beginning.

Acrylics on canvas
January 2013
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