B.S. Set 1 Adoptions - CLOSED Picture

Now that the first set of Balto-Style pups have been adopted out, the parents are now up for adoption, and what's this? You even get a little icon? Just some quick rules before I let you all have at them!

1. No alterations of any kind are allowed, sorry. These characters were specifically designed and I do not want them altered. No changing the genders, no playing with the colors, no alterations, only ~chi32 has permission to change Terpsichore's eye color for the express purpose of her Balto FanStory.
2. Please keep their names, though I will not tell you, you absolutely HAVE to do this, I would much prefer their names to stay as they are.
3. Use your character in some way, shape, or form! Please! Don't just adopt them and never look at them again! USE them! I would also love to see what you do with the character ;}!
4. You may play with the age of your character, I will not tell you that the canines have to be adults, you can make them puppies!
5. I have no set breedings or relations for any of these characters, you can adopt as many as you please and make them siblings or cousins, even a parent and child, likewise, you can decide if your character is a husky or malamute, wolf or hybrid, it's completely up to you! These images do not necessarily portray the characters actual build, these are just for colors and pattern-designs.

gender: male
Origin of Name: Indian
Behind the Name: Means "mighty, powerful, master" in Sanskrit.
Adopter: ~chi32

gender: female
Origin of Name: Greek Mythology
Behind the Name: Means "enjoying the dance" from Greek τερψις (terpsis) "delight" and χορος (choros) "dance".
Adopter: ~chi32

gender: male
Origin of Name: Greek Mythology and Russia
Behind the Name: Means "homecoming" in Greek.
Adopter: ~Oncoming-Storm

gender: female
Origin of Name: Turkey
Behind the Name: Means "radiance of the moon" in Turkish.
Adopter: ~chi32

gender: male
Origin of Name: English
Behind the Name: From an English surname which was derived from Middle English hoit "stick", originally a nickname for a thin person.
Adopter: ~chi32

gender: female
Origin of Name: Greek
Behind the Name: Derived from Greek διαμαντι (diamanti) meaning "diamond".
Adopter: ~chi32

gender: male
Origin of Name: Irish
Behind the Name: Means "joint pledge" from Irish comh "together" and gall "pledge".
Adopter: ~chi32

gender: female
Origin of Name: Hungarian
Behind the Name: Derived from Hungarian csillag meaning "star".
Adopter: ~chi32

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