-K h o n s R e f Picture

Okay, re uploaded to show fancy line-art coloring, pffft. xD

Okay, tempted to not put an actual description as it's too early and I'm in pain, but I'll try.

.....Everything except his personality and life story is on the ref. xD So. Unless you want those. I AM DONE. LAWL. AHAHAHA. I WIN.
God, mood swings frighten me. xD

Uh, I will say... His ears and tail came out better than planned. Lawl. He weas eye makeup. ;D I jest, I jest. It's actually an actual marking. 8D;

Uh. Yeah, as said, all on the ref me thinks, even if it was crap and tiny c'os I'm lazy.

Another random note:
-Can't roar. I kid ye not. Part of his breed. xD; He can purr though, in a much louder fashion than most felines if he so desires, and make strange yet oddly feline clicks and such. Also can yowl. xD;

And. Yeeeaaaahhhh. o_o; Done.
Now I just need to re-mark Isis a ref sheet, and then my egyptain god-blooded-characer will be out of the way. 8D;
Yeah, short explanation of mothers side of family tree for the hell of it: Isis (Actualy egyptain goddess.) ---> Whatever I name'd MY Isis's mum -----> My Isis ----> Khons. Lol, watch, he'll have a daughter and name her Isis. -kidding- And. Yeah.
He's like... the demi god of egyptain mythology. which last I checked they don't have. Loloformakingshitup.
also note he doesn't look nearly as godly as his family, if you ask me. Reflects the fact in all honesty he wishes he wasn't. Oooohhh. Kitty here does have some little secert to poke at. >D You'll get another in the next drawing of him, if I ever finish it. -lazy-


Khons (c) Me, my, and I.

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