Mending a Pair of Broken Wings Picture

My friends and I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons. It's extremely different from any other RPG I've ever played, but so far we're having a grand time with it. Although I find it rather limiting when it came to creating a characters with a detailed history and personality because of all those blasted rules! Nevertheless, this is my character:

Ereshkigal (Babylonian/Sumerian, "the great lady under earth"), alias Irkalla, is a beautiful but artfully scheming tanar'ri demon and shape-shifter — 8th level Succubus, 5th level Warlock (or Witch), 1st level Fiend of Corruption, and Chaotic Evil. She was a former over-deity who reigned and greatly feared throughout much of the Abyss, by sleeping her way to the top as a double-agent spymaster, stealing and selling secrets of some of the most powerful rulers and lords of the Abyss. She was the high-ranking worshiper and favoured lover to the Prince Graz'zt, the one of the most powerful of the abyssal lords, and betrayed him to gain favour (and power) from his greatest enemy, the Queen of the Succubi Malcanthet, then betrayed Malcanthet to beat her to deityship. She lost her power and position, as well as most of her memories, due to the jealous plottings of her (sluttier) twin sister, Ishtar. Her preferred weapons of choice are a pair of meatcleavers, sickles, and hatchets and an assortment of whips — the bloodier, the better.

This is an image of our first adventure. Our characters drop out of our prospective places of origin from a portal into the lap of Baldur's Gate, a wealthy coastal city in a shape of a crescent moon. The arrival wasn't exactly welcomed, as all four of us were chained up in a prison and they escaped. Although Ereshkigal would rather ditch them and go out alone, Ereshkigal forced to adventure, to much of her dismay, with a small crew of misfits: Valar is a cold, all-too-serious Albino Drow (or Dark Elf) Warmage/Elemental Savant, a son of wealthy, powerful council-members of the Underdark, and heir to a royal house who is suspected to have assassinated certain high-ranking High Elves. He strangely reminds her of Nergal, a warrior king and former lover she admits have had some "deep affection for." They eventually start an on-and-off affair. Bellus "Nex Pravus," a cowardly, narcissistic Satyr Necrophant, is unlike any of his faint-hearted, overtly sexual race: He is born under a dark star, which prophecised an evil that would happens every hundred millennia, and gleefully watched his kinfolk and their woodland home burst into flames as a fawn by an evil wizard. Curiously watching the goat-legged child play in pools of blood and showing no fear to undead, the wizard adopted him as his protégé, teaching him the Dark Arts. Rook is a mentally unstable, mass-murdering (Human) Assassin/Rogue, desperately seeking to become a vampire, and is completely out of his little mind! He annoys Ereshkigal to her core and they constantly argue and insult each other. One day, when he least expects it, she will hack his body into bit-sized chucks and suck out the marrow from his bones! A former member of the group was Mr. Kappa, or Kappamakizushi, a four-foot-tall, simple-minded, foam-mouthed Kappa Barbarian/Berserker, a river creature with a body of a toad and a shell of a tortoise, and a giant fishbowl full over magical water over his head, welding a gigantic masamune sword that would make a character from Final Fantasy cry in envy, with a strange fetish for tentacles. He remained at Sigil, a paradox city, to seek out his own adventure — or date something with long, sexy tentacles. (We're not precisely sure which, actually.
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