Group Maho Picture

A group shot of all my main magical girls! ^^ Some have team mates, while Yume for example is a solo heroine.

From left to right:

Yume:Yume Kirameki is a daydreamy kind of girl, who lives with her mother and loves to draw and paint. Lately however she keeps having the same strange dream over and over, even in class. These dreams turn out to be a message, a premonition of sorts, when one night she is visited by Yueh, the rabbit of the moon. He explains to her the the evil Queen Nightshade, ruler of the realm of nightmares, is attempting to take over the mortal world by infecting peoples mnds with evil dreams, which allows her to manipulate them like puppets and turns there hearts to darkness.

Leecey: Leecey Cherrywood is a cheerful, energetic girl who is something of an otaku. Her favourite series is "Warrior Princess Azumi", an anime, manga and game series. Her love for this show becomes something of a reality for her when she is chosen to become "Ninja Mitsuki." Im thinking the monsters she fights are based on Japanese mythology.

Silvia: This story is a little different from all my others, including in the magical girl sense. Its set in outer space for one, and has slightly darker themes compared to the others. Silvia Twilight was once an ordinary young girl from the planet "Eternus", with dreams of becoming a singer. That dream somewhat comes true when she finds herself mixed up with the Prince of her home planet, Satoru, an alter ego and a plot to bring down the corrupt head of the Galatic Police, who has his finger in a number of evil schemes and has entire galaxy snowed. Along with her team mates, by day the are the girl band "The Silver Twilights", but while trying to stop and bad doings, they are "Cosmic Thief Silvia and the Galactic Girls". This is something Im VERY EXCITED about and hope to work on soon, just needs more planning.

Aya: Aya Damon is a quiet, polite young girl from a rather big family, but shes always felt different somehow. She has never really known or been able to explain why however. She discovers when she is dragged into another world, known as "The Glen of the Fairies". Her father was a air fairy, though he had kept it a secret, falling in love with a human woman and living as a human, so she has blood of the fae in her. Now she has been chosen to take the place of air amongst the "Elemental Fairies", who are kinda the leaders of each specific kind of fairy, by the Fairy Queen.

Alot of these stories do admittedly have some plotholes and details to fill in, and even some changes (placeholders and stuff). Alot of these I came up with when I was very young, and some things dont always sound so good when we grow up
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