Aphrodisia Application:- Celest Academy Picture

Image drawn by the wonderful Ra-Punzelle

= | BASIC INFO | =
Name: Aphrodisia (meaning “risen from the foam”)
Age: 2716 (Appears constantly 21)
Birthday: May 25th
Gender: Female
Preference: Unknown
Height: 1.52 meters (5 ft)

Guardian Class: Moon
Species: Naiad (Water Spirit)
Starting Abilities:
Bubbling Brook: Aphrodisia uses her playful nature and laughter to boost the spirit of all allies for a short duration of time.
Churning Waterfall: Aphrodisia channels the power of a churning waterfall to cause a strong stream of water to shoot from her hands in an attempt to subdue/drown an enemy.
Whirling Pool: Aphrodisia causes the molecules in the air to change direction and swirl around the enemy, confusing them for a short period to allow her to escape.
New Abilities: (What has your character learned in their studies?)

Grade: 1
Roommate: Still looking
Current Classes:
General Classes:
* Interactions of the Stars, Moon and Sun
* Historical Celestial Figures
Moon Classes:
* Creating Tidal Patterns
* Eclipses and Special Moons
Passed Classes: None yet
GP (Galaxy Points): 0

- Water
- Cool/Cold Things
- Swimming/Wading
- Spring/Winter
- Rain/Hail/Sleet/Snow/Ice
- Cold Drinks (Fruit Juice/Soft Drinks/Smoothies)
- Playing with Ice Blocks
- Playing with Water and Water-related Things
- The Moon as it Controls the Tides
- Olives
- Feta Cheese
- Most Animals (Dolphins/Porpoises/Starfish/Fish/Tadpoles/Frogs/Dragonflies Among Others)
- Happiness/Joy/Love/Playfulness/Laughter
- Most Food (Is a Omnivore)
- Heat
- Desert
- Sand
- Excess Sunshine
- Summer/Autumn
- Hot Drinks (Tea/Coffee etc.)
- Satyrs
- Some Animals (Goats/Pigs Among Others)
- Drinking Alcohol and Getting Drunk)
- Sadness/Fear/Grumpiness/Sad Tears)
- Hot/Spicy Food
- Death
- Water and Water-related Things
- Swimming
- Nature
Aphrodisia is very playful. She loves swimming/wading in the water, especially with her sisters, and will happily do that all day. She is very loyal to those she knows and loves, especially those she considers family, and is the first to offer a helping hand if someone needs it. While she lacks the ability to transform that her dryad sisters have, she maintains that she doesn’t need it because she can control the flow of water (as in create it out of nothing) and this will protect her more than transforming into a tree or flower that can be destroyed. She has a bubbling laugh and it can frequently be heard. She is short in stature but this doesn’t stop her from trying anything at least once. While she’s not the most adventurous, preferring to play or laze about, she won’t say no to a good adventure every now and then. She doesn’t have a specific sexual orientation yet, though she has watched mortals with great curiosity as gender has become more and more fluid and sexual tendencies and preferences have changed over the years. She is open to trying out relationships with both genders, as she doesn’t yet know which she prefers, in an attempt to find someone who matches her personality.
Aphrodisia is a naiad from the mythology of Ancient Greece. She’s been living mostly in the larger rivers in Africa for the most part of the last few centuries, since the fall of Ancient Greece after the 8th century BC. Before the Academy she was constantly roaming through Africa following the great rivers and keeping them maintained. While she can control water, things like tides and floods are out of her control as that’s based on the phases of the moon. Because of her affinity to water, and control of it, many tribes feared her as having some sort of contact with the moon, even though she had no direct influence on tides and floods, and they worshipped her as such. She found the Academy one night when she was running from a rogue satyr who was intent on looking up her skirt, or worse. While she was running from him she tripped, and thought she was done for, until a ray of moonlight fell on her and she felt herself being lifted into the air and up to a safe place of protection from earth’s dangers. The moon had taken pity on her, and as a reward for all her centuries of honouring it and loving it she was gifted with a chance to study at the Academy and learn how to properly protect it. She wants to learn how to protect the celestial bodies, particularly the moon, because they are so powerful and eternal.
Aphrodisia is short, but fun-loving. She is barefooted, always, and wears a light blue toga dress with white trim. The toga dress is thigh length, giving her space to run around, and is off the right shoulder with a hanging part draped part over the left shoulder. Her hair is dark blonde and long, but she wears it braided on the sides and into a bun at the nape of her neck. Often tendrils escape and frame her face with soft wisps and curls. She often has flowers in her hair as homage to her dryad sisters, most often small white or pink daisies or chrysanthemums, and these are more often than not worn in a crown or just stuck into the braids. She is tanned from being outside all the time and is skinny/average in weight due to her active lifestyle. She wears an armband on her upper right arm, where her bicep/tricep is. This armband is styled like a snake and is gold, with a sapphire in the centre. It starts pointing up, with the head of the snake, winds around her arm, has the gem in the middle where the two winds meet, winds around her arm again and ends pointing down. She wears hanging earrings that are also gold. They are an oval of two olive branches that meet at the top and stem from a common point. Attached to this “loop” is a light blue gemstone in a gold setting that dangles. She doesn’t wear makeup, but doesn’t need to either. Her eyes are blue/grey, her nose small and her lip small/normal looking. Her lips are naturally a deep pink, and her cheeks are naturally rosy. She has long eyelashes and untamed brows. She has a small tattoo of a dolphin on her outer left ankle.

Character Relationships:
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