My Desk Picture

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Still in the process of cleaning my side of the bedroom where I have my little office/studio set up but I thought I would share what my desk looks like at the moment. Hopefully I can get everything cleaned and organized the way I want it but here's how it looks right now.

1. Framed letters of acceptance & tickets to the KVIE Art Auction 2008-2010 (still need to frame 2011)
2. Business license & sellers permit
3. Art from friends/artists of Blue Moon Gallery
4. Laptop (hoping to save up for a desktop computer so that I can be more efficient in my work. Of course this is part of a long list of equipment that is on my wish list.)
5. Art supplies
6. Plushie Beer Yeast microbe, jar of lighters, wooden figure doll
7. Bookcase
A. Weapons reference
B. Art & Architecture books/magazines
C. World mythology encyclopedias, tarot decks, stone reference
D. Bibles, Lost books of the Bible, Qur'an, Tanakh
8. Scanner
9. External hard drive
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