Helilauna, Instigator of the Black Sun Picture

Fractal thingy 629

Out of the nightmare that is Xyslif of the Creeping Night, two shadow gods were born to spread fear and chaos from the skies. The first born, Helilauna, was created with spite and envy. The sun's bright beams that shone upon the Earth were the constant prize that Helilauna sought after. After all, the god had been in an 'on and off' relationship with the sun for the last 4.6 billion years. Who wouldn't be a bit cranky about that? The sun was a very busy worker, constantly performing alchemy to make light from gas, blowing enormous gales of particles through the vaccum of space, and dashing from one side of the sky to the other (Heliauna lived on Earth and didn't realize the planet was rotating.... he thought the sunset ment break up and sunrise was they were getting back together).  

In Helilauna's mind the sun wasn't giving him enough attention and was too freely showing off its beauty to the rest of the universe. "Humans are too comfortable in the sun", Helilauna thought. "They don't realize how privilaged they are to be in the presence of my love's light!". In a desperate attempt to deny humanity the sun's light and make the sun jealous, Heliauna would embrace the moon and place it right between the earth and the sun, blocking the light. However, as the bright light of the sun's coronal mane became visible in the sky, Heliauna would become infauated and lose grip of the moon, allowing it to continue across the sky.

This has occured every few months or years for the last 4.6 billion years..... and the sun still has not noticed that Heliauna exists.... its just a giant ball of hydrogen gas afterall......


I wanted to make eclipse themed fractals to add to my mythology group.... but I'm not 100% pleased with how solar eclipse came out. It looks more 'flowing rivers of glitter' than 'dramatic radiating light'.......
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