Artemis Picture

This past week, what I WANTED to draw (namely this week's page for Strawberry Syrup) refused to cooperate, so to try and loosen up, I decided to give drawing Artemis a whirl. So I did several sketches, just kinda brainstorming for the character. It didn't help get my comic page to cooperate any better, but I did get a decent sketch to color out of it!

Anyway, Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo, Greek goddess of the hunt and wild animals, of virginity and childbirth, and of young unmarried girls. She's associated with deer, bears, hawks, the moon, and the Roman goddess Diana. She's often depicted as an archer, although occasionally she'll be carrying other weapons instead.

Oh, and she's the LAST person you want to catch bathing.

The bow, while you can't see much of it, does have decorative silver facing on it - she got the bow from Hephaestus, so of course he'd make it pretty. My version seems to spend a lot of time as a young girl, much like those she's protector of, but she does have an older form, too. I'll probably put the rest of the sketches up later, but for now, I like this one.
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