LoU : The Deities and Angels. Picture

The Deities and Angels.(in my LoU novel.)
Inspirations : Deities and Angels in Buddhism, Deities and Angels in Hinduism, Deities and Angels in Christianity, Deities and Angels in Chinese mythology, Deities and Angels in Japanese mythology, Deities and Angels in other mythologies, Deity in Star Wars, Gods and Angels in Lord of the Rings.
The Deities, also called a Gods, was a being of supernatural powers or attributes, believed in and worshiped by a people. The G.o.D Religion and the D.E.V.I.L Cult worshipped aspects of the Might in lieu of a gods and workshiped their gods, by the G.o.D Religion will workshiped The Light Power side of The Might and Gods, and the D.E.V.I.L will sorkshiped The Dark Power side of The Might and The Evil Ones. Deities or Gods is a concept conceived in diverse ways in various cultures, typically as a natural or supernatural being considered divine or sacred. Have multiple deities in all realm, especially on Swarga and Universe. Deities were created by The Supreme God, for the purpose of protect humans and non-humans, manage natural forces and other things, and for treat of balance of Universe and everything. A male deity is a god, while a female deity is a goddess.
The Devas, also called a Angels, is a suprenatural spiritual being superior to humans in power and intelligence. Angels are usually depicted as having the shape of human beings of extraordinary beauty; they are often identified using the symbols of bird wings, halos, and light. Angels are typically described as benevolent, dreadful, and endowed with wisdom and knowledge of universe's events, but not infallible; for they strive with each other, and Gods or Supreme God has to make peace between them. Most of them serve either as intermediaries between Heaven and Universe, or as guardian spirits. Archangels was the leaders of other angels, is as Gods or the Warlords of Heaven, originally have thirteen archangels on Heaven, But in present have six archangels on Heaven, because all seven archangels have an idea to betray and destroy their creator, Supreme God, all seven archangels then making gather and lead their angel who agree armies to The Great War of Swarga, but they are fail and all wicked or rebellious angel has been cast out of heaven, cast them into Demon Realm and committed them to chains of gloomy darkness to be kept until the Great Day.
Though mostly of the Deities and the Devas was Good Gods and Good Angels, But still have Wicked Deity or Evil Angel in The Demon Realm ,other realms and Universe. such as Lucitarn, The Great Archangel, The Evil God or the Former Right Hand of Supreme God, Leader of rebellious angel armies becoming The Evil One, six Fallen Archangels becoming each the Lord of sins, all fallen angel armies becoming Devil, also called a Fiend, Daeva, Asura, Wicked Angel or Evil Angel. Ranous(Vemacitrin,Vepacitti), was the God of Rakshasa(Demons, Daemons), He was the creator and king of all demon in Umbrarus Realm and on Universe, he have wicked temperament since were created by Supreme God and was a companion of Lucitarn. He was who induce Lucitarn betray Supreme God, for enhance the Evil Armies and make he becoming the Evil One, the most danger and most powerful Evil God and more powerful than him.
the Deities and Angels was Immortality Spirits, They are can't die or can't killed, people believed Gods and Angel had omniscience (infinite knowledge), omnipotence (unlimited power), omnipresence (present everywhere), divine simplicity, and as having an eternal and necessary existence like the Supreme God, but their divine powers maybe less than the Supreme God. Gods and Angels in good side will called Good Deities and Good Devas(Good Gods and Good Angels), and Gods and Angel in evil side will called Evil Deities and Evil Devas(Evil Gods and Evil Angels). Deities and Angels's power was the supreme energies,"The Divine Power", for Good Gods and Good Angels was "The Holy Energy", and Evil Gods and Evil Angels was "The Evil Energy". It is said Archangels were believed be Gods too, Because they are the great warlords of Swarga and was the special angel, They have the Divine Power that more than other angels and their powers are parallel or more than some Gods's power. If have main events, major events or danger events to the Universe, some good angels will avatar, rebirth be human for save and end Universe's critical.

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