The Legend of RobRae Picture

Note: I did NOT draw this. It is a lineart colored with permission End Note.

Well, the October-December 2014 contest ends today. And I have not entered yet (which is sad because I picked out the theme "Myths, legends, and lies" XP). However, that changes now! (aka five hours before the deadline)

I had a few ideas. One: I wanted to draw them as Selene and Endymion (Greek myth). Basically, Selene watches over her beloved shepherd boy every night as she comes down to the earth from the moon. I thought Raven and the Selene seemed similar because they both have that lonely position. Always watching from afar and almost afraid to come down and join in.

Second I wanted to do was a more silly one. I wanted to have Robin dressed as Hercules and Raven *begrudgingly* dressed as Megara at Disney World. I had a little dialogue in my head as for a conversation they would have there. But, I forgot. Whoops. But I cannot draw Megara! It is frustrating beyond compare.

And because I forgot their witty dialogue, I couldn't write a fanfic about it. . . *sighs*

So, here is my entry. I colored a MaKorra outline by nini-pooh. I thought, "Legend of Korra". . . Korra and Mako (my ship). . . Raven and Robin. . . this might just work.

So I've been working on this baby for several hours. Many start overs. I wanted to go for a watercolor painting look. . . not sure if I succeeded
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