Remus- MYO Entry Picture

"All I can think of is you- Little sailor of the skies. Will you be our eyes?"
Here he is, my MYO entry, Remus
He was designed while listening to the song Sailor of the Skies from the musical Children of Eden, which influenced his design and character.

Remus, in mythology was a child raised by wolves, who learned to love starlight and the moon.
Remus, the Kiamara, on the other hand was not raised by wolves. However, he did learn to love the moon and the stars, more than anything. They were his solace, his love. Eventually blinded by illness, Remus has spent his life since trying to grope for something to love as much as he did the sight of the moon and skies.
A search which has, thus far, been vastly unsuccessful.

"Children of Eden, where is our garden? Where is the innocence we can't regain? Once eyes are open, must those eyes harden?"
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