'Star Origins'-Libra's profile Picture

Damn, this picture took so long....I think it's worth it, though!
Yes, yes, this is another original character of mine. But THIS guy (yes,
it's supposed to be a guy) is from my first manga, "Star Origins". The
plot revolves around Greek mythology and astrology. It is NOT a Sailor
Moon rip-off, believe me. And I haven't been drawing pictures promoting
it even though I've been planning to.....BUT--- I finally got the chance to
draw something/someone from it. So everyone? I'd like you to meet Justin-
also known as Warrior Libra. *points to deviation*

The words revolving around the picture best describes the traits of anyone
born under the Libra sign (September 23rd- October 23rd). Librans are
represented by the scales -or balances- , and are known for being very
artistic and charming. Justin happens to be a celebrity, but goes to school
with the other characters and acts very tender and kind. (Don't you wish all
boys were like that?? charming side

...This took 3 HOURS to make. Does it show? I hope so. I'm exhausted.
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