WWP - The Norns Picture

"Hey girls! Let's do something fun!"
"Like what?"
"I dunno.. Maybe date someone?"
"We don't have time for that. Besides who'd be crazy enough to date us?"
"I.. uhh... already took matters into my own hands.."
"It's just a blind date and.."

Skuld, you troublemaker... Lol.

Skuld set up a blind date for all three of them. Looks like her sisters aren't too happy about it... XD

Oh yeah.. I haven't introduced them yet. *facepalms*

These are the Norns from the Norse mythology: Urd, Verdandi and Skuld...

They are characters for ~WormWoodProject of *Tyshea

Tbh, I haven't done their full character profiles and individual character sheets yet. So just an overview first. I'll just link the rest when they're done..^_^

(from left to right)

Urd Wyrd
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: 11
Race: a disir called Norns
Info: She's the eldest of the sisters and represents the past. She can sift through memories and recall the past of a being by touching an object that's related to that being. She's very strict and follows the rules and obligations set upon them to a fault. her strong personality is intimidating and she often bosses her younger sisters leading to quarrels between her and Skuld. Although she seems stiff and cold at times, she actually feels very bad when they have to decide to end a life of someone. She just doesn't know how to show it.

Skuld Wyrd
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Grade: 11
Race: a disir called Norns
Info: She's the youngest of the sisters and represents the future. She has the power to look into the future and foresee when there's foreboding danger. She despises their responsibility as Norns and often rebells against it. Emotionally driven, she breaks down and cries when they have to decide to end a person's life and would fight tooth and nail with her sisters to save a person from such fate. When not doing their Norn duties though, she's very mischievous and often plays pranks on people, mostly her sisters. Despite her childish nature, she is the most compassionate of all three.

Verdandi Wyrd
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Grade: 11
Race: a disir called Norns
Info: She's the middle sister and represents the present. She can freeze time and know things that are happening somewhere else by concentrating on a place or a person. She's very quiet and quite submissive. She often finds herself the stuck in middle ground with her quarreling sisters. Though usually too shy to speak her mind, she's quite insightful and can give unbiased and fair opinions when needed.

Little Tidbits:

*Although people are usually scared shitless to get on their bad side, they're also too afraid of them to actually make friends.

*They are all on the same grade because when they requested the office to put them on the same classes, the teachers were too scared to tell them otherwise.

*Some people call the "the Weird Sisters" behind their back

*They can fuse into one person.

*They can travel time when they are one but they are bound by strict rules not to change anything, they can merely observe when time traveling.

*Their hair accessories are actually leaves form Yggdrasill which serves both as a reminder and a bond to their hard duties and responsibilities as Norns. When they don't do their duties, they are "punished" by the Yggdrasill.

*They mostly look human besides their eyes which have a crescent moon and a star design instead of pupils

*they can't foresee their own future!

[EDIT] Oh snap... Someone had made a Moirae Sisters [link] just today too.. Awww sucks... Oh well.. Minor additions to my character profile then...

*Often confused with the Moirae Sisters. And although they basically have more or less the same jobs, they don't like being compared to the other sisters, though they are friendly with each other.

"Aren't you the Moirae Sis.."
"But you're.."
"Wait how..."
"We said no, dammit! We're more badass!"

*sometimes has tangles with the Moirae Sisters as to who shall decide the fate of a particular person.

That's it for now.. ^_^ Hope you like them ^_^

Random guy: Your father must be a thief...
Wyrd: ...*looks dangerous*
Random guy: Coz he stole the moon and stars from the skies and...
Wyrd: Stop that.
Random guy: put them in your eyes.. *grins*
Wyrd: *cuts random guy's life thread*
Wyrd: ....
Wyrd: Lame pick up lines are lamer when used as crackpot jokes...

Note: I made these characters in the intention of pairing them up with *Toxxic-Vixen's OC's, the cerberus triplets [link]
Fan art will be done soon, I hope.. XD

Oh yeah.. and I also used this to practice more on my color pencils.. XD

[Edit] Made some mistakes with the name and such... corrected them.. ^_^
Urd, Verdandi and Skuld (c) to me
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