FanAmalgam Multiverse: Ultimate Justice Picture

ULTIMATE JUSTICE [New 52 Justice League + Ultimates]

Left to right: Cycloborg, Dark Spider, Golden Avenger, Amanda Fury, Captain Amazon, Thunderman, Atom Wasp and Blue Streak.

Background info: This universe is mostly based on two premises: 1- being a fusion of Marvel Ultiverse and DC’s New 52 Prime Earth; 2- Maintain the same DC + Marvel composition from the “main” FanAmalgam universe (while keeping in tune with the Marvel Ultiverse and DC New 52 divergences). Despite this, some specific characters are exceptions to these rules: some Marvel or DC components were borrowed from the publishers’ more traditional continuities (Earth-616 and Pre-Flashpoint New Earth, respectively), or have mixed elements from different continuities; also, there’s at least one case of a character that has a completely different composition from the main Amalgam Universe.

To avoid spoiling interesting things described below in the profiles, notes about specific characters will be placed below their respective profiles. For most characters, backstories weren’t fully developed, being cited only the differences between them and their main counterparts.

The Amalgam’s multiverse numbering is: DC Earth number–dot–Marvel Earth number.

General overview: In the main Amalgamverse, the former Guardian-Watcher En Dwali Apsa [Old-Timer/Appa Ali Apsa + Grandmasater/En Dwi Gast] revealed to the Justice Avengers [Justice League + Avengers] that their universe weren’t the only one and told them about the multiverse. Many of the other universes have counterparts of the Justice Avengers, like: Sinister Syndicate [Crime Syndicate + Squadron Sinister], Supreme Assemblers [Assemblers/Champions of Angor + Squadron Supreme], Ultimate Justice (shown here) and the Judgment League Avengers (from the canon Amalgam universe). Sometimes the teams are a mix between the Justice Avengers and the X-Titans [Titans + X-Men], like the Titan Avengers, the X-League and the JLX (this one a dissident team from the Judgment League Avengers).


Amanda Fury [Amanda Waller + Nick Fury]

· Amanda Fury is a trans woman. Her birth name is unknown. She transitioned at puberty and underwent a sex reassignment surgery as soon as she reached legal age to it. After this, she pursued a career as a policewoman, later a secret agent for the covert organization known as E.A.G.L.E.S. (Expert Advanced Group of Logistics, Espionage and Strategy) [A.R.G.U.S. + S.H.I.E.L.D.] this universe version of C.H.E.S.S. [Checkmate + (Earth-616) S.H.I.E.L.D.]. Being very competent, skilled and badass, she reached the top of the agency.

· Notes: She is the one with a completely different composition from the main Amalgamverse. In the main amalgamverse, Pre-Flashpoint Amanda Waller was merged with Victoria Hand, while Earth-616 original Nick Fury was merged with Sgt. Rock. Also, agency acronym E.A.G.L.E.S. brings three letters of A.R.G.U.S. in the same order (A-G-S) and is a reference to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s eagle logo. The gun she’s wielding is based on Megatron’s alt mode, from Transformers Generation One.

· Partial counterpart of: Victoria Waller

Thunderman/ Kal Odinsson [Superman/Kal-El/Clark Kent + [Thor] Odinsson]

· Differently from his “main” universe counterpart, he doesn’t have a secret identity. His hammer Mjölnir is also different, being bigger and fully metallic. Its top part resembles the iconography of its mythological version.

· Note: As I used the awful weird ax-hammer called Ultimate Mjolnir as Cyborg Destroyer’s weapon, I decided to use a different version here, partially inspired by paintings and sculptures of the mythological version.

· Counterpart of: Thor-El

Captain Amazon/ Hyppolyta [Queen Hyppolyta + Cap. America/Steve Rogers, Warrior Woman/ Hyppolyta]

· In this universe, Queen Hyppolyta takes Captain Amazon’s identity after the frozen (and really dead) body of the original one, Diana Rogers (who fought in the World War II) [Diana Trevor (Steve’s mother) + Captain America/Steve Rogers], was found in the Arctic, in mid-2000’s. She is the official ambassador of the Amazon Nation of Themyscira (the “A” in her helmet stands for Amazon, and it’s an uppercase Greek letter alpha). She is married to Catherine Duchamp [Catherine Cobert + Jean-Paul "Frenchie" Duchamp], a French representative in the United Nations.

· Notes: Marvel’s Warrior Woman was borrowed from Earth-616 continuity. The “alpha is for Amazon” and her love with a French woman are take-thats/jabs at an infamously xenophobic sentence from Ultimate Captain America. Catherine Cobert and Diana Trevor were borrowed from DC’s Pre-Flashpoint continuity and Frenchie was borrowed from Marvel’s 616 Universe.

· Counterpart of: Captain Amazon

Golden Avenger/ Michael Stark [Booster Gold/ Michael Carter + Iron Man/Tony Stark]

· His armor doesn’t cover his full body. As he’s more narcissistic than his main-universe counterpart, he exposes most of his face instead of having it fully covered.

· Counterpart of: Golden Avenger

Dark Spider/ Peter Wayne [Batman/Bruce Wayne + Spider-Man/Peter Parker]

He’s slightly younger than his “main” universe counterpart. He isn’t married, being romantically involved with Mary Jane Moon [Tana Moon + Mary Jane Watson] instead of Gwen Gordon [Barbara Gordon + Gwen Stacy]. He also fully created his web-shooters and web fluid, instead of improving the ones from Golden Age heroine Blue Spider, who doesn’t exist in this universe.

· Note: I borrowed Tana Moon from DC’s Pre-Flashpoint continuity, as she doesn’t have a New 52 version (at least until when I was writing this).

· Counterpart of: Dark Spider

Blue Streak/ Pietro Allen [Flash/Barry Allen + Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff]

· Differently from his Earth 1.616 counterpart, he doesn’t have a romantic/sexual relationship with his twin sister Wanda Zatara [Zatanna Zatara + Wanda Maximoff], being involved with policewoman Brigit Spivot [Patty Spivot + Brigit O’Reilly] instead. Later they break up and he gets involved with journalist Iris Brant [Iris West + Betty Brant].

· Note: About the Quicksilver component, the nature of his relationship with his twin sister is switched between 616 and Ultimate universes.

Cycloborg/ Victor Summers [Cyborg/Victor Stone + Cyclops/Scott Summers]

· The main divergence from his Earth 1.616 counterpart is that he was never a member of the X-Titans, being always affiliated to the Ultimate Justice instead.

Atom Wasp/ Janet Palmer [Atom/Ray Palmer + Wasp/Janet van Dyne]
· This Atom Wasp never met Ted Pym, who doesn’t exist in this universe. She’s in a relationship with Green Archer/ Fandral Queen [Green Arrow/ Oliver Queen + Fandral].

· Note: I’m ignoring Ultimate Hank Pym, who doesn’t have a counterpart here.

· Counterpart of: Atomic Wasp

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