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A Boredom Scroll with a story. The story of Picaresque fools in a nameless city. A story of Pedestrians.

Well, that's what I figure I call the story once I get my ideas of the Rabboy, the muckman, and the mechanic Italian-speaking clown together.

Like a manga or Torah, this is read right to left. Though, since this is a clutter, I guess we can't read it for clearance.

Lets see... The story starts with Muckman. He's through a desert. Entering Nameless City, danger is around every turn.

A mile or two away, the Rabboy deals with this every day. A slacker trying to find a goal in his life but constantly distracted that he can't find one, until... The Moon Maiden sings at night.

Such danger leaves Rabboy as a insomniac that he's left to stay awake and listen to her. Someday, he'll meet her. Though until then, he meets up with Muckman. They eventually become friends, along with Scherzo(that harlequin of machinery and music).

Eventually Rabboy meets Moon Maiden, but she dare not speak of her captor's name. He who holds time will not let her go for her song is what keeps the world working in his power and his city.

That's the story right there at the moment, but there's more once I upload more Boredom Scroll entries.

The La Nouba soundtrack inspired me during my work break. Such variety made me think of a city that made no sense and the characters that lived in it that I drew whatever my mind was thinking at the time:[link]

Besides the Pedestrians story, I got a hand in a gymanistic clothing based on something I saw in a Marvel comic, and the Satyr with the lyre is actually a illustration from a musical history book from the fifties. I loved the design that I drew it, and might become a Pedestrians background character if I make Pedestrians into a side comic with Camoflauge. This way, superhero and mythology comic fans can enjoy Camoflauge, while art film and surrealism enthusiasts can enjoy the Pedestrians story.

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