Sailor Tamonten (Adopted) Picture

Senshi Name: Sailor Tamonten

Realm of Influence: Warriors and Guards

Civilian Name: Her true name is known only to her Queen - most people know her by one of her various pseudonyms. She’s currently going by Wang Liang Yi (’Wang’ being the family name and ‘Liang Yi’ being the given name).

Name Meaning: Wang Liang Yi is the Chinese name for Beta Cassiopeiae.

Age: Around four-hundred years old.

Birthday: 2nd June

Personality: For all that Sailor Tamonten takes her position and role very seriously, you wouldn’t think it from her general behaviour. Light-hearted and teasing banter falls so easily from her lips that she has - on more than one occasion - been reprimanded for being too informal by her Queen and teammates. She has no qualms with using her assorted skills to put people off-balance around her, happy to sneak up on them or disappear completely just as easily when they have their back turned. She is playful, though not overly energetic or in your face about it.

However, Tamonten is a master of mis-direction and a lot of her actions are used to distract from the fact that she is deadly serious about her duties. She is always willing to make new allies but her only loyalty is to her Queen, so she will burn bridges and make sacrifices if that is what she needs to do. She doesn’t make such decisions lightly but she won’t lose sleep over them either.

Background: Sailor Tamonten comes from a planet orbiting the star Beta Cassopeiae. She and her teammates protect their system from those that wish it harm and also guard their Queen. As their leader, Sailor Tamonten is the Queen’s personal guard and the two have a very close (though strictly platonic) relationship. Such is her professionalism that she is rarely seen in her civilian state, maintaining her senshi form to ensure she is always ready to deal with any threat that arises.

However, whilst Tamonten is the Queen’s personal guard, she is not always seen at the Queen’s side. She can sometimes be away for days, weeks or even months at a time. There is much speculation about what she does during these periods of absence. Many people believe she is working secret missions for the Queen - assassinations, interrogations and the like. These assumptions are not completely inaccurate, for Tamonten only takes these absences at the Queen’s behest but they are usually non-violent information gathering assignments. This is the second (though equally important reason) why Tamonten rarely reveals her civilian form - she doesn’t want to be recognised whilst conducting covert reconnaissance.

Skills: As one would expect from a Senshi of Warriors and Guards, Sailor Tamonten is a skilled combatant of the highest order. Her natural, senshi-given skill has been greatly enhanced through extensive training in unarmed combat and with a wide variety of weapons. She has also expanded her skill set to include stealth and espionage. Even when wearing her colourful senshi fuku, Tamonten has little problem passing unnoticed amongst a crowd or sneaking up on people when it should otherwise be impossible to do so. On the instances when she does choose to return to her civilian form, she is no stranger to altering her appearance to make herself unrecognisable.

Notes: Based (very loosely) on Bishamonten, one of the Seven Lucky Gods in Japanese mythology. Naturally, this means her teammates would be based loosely around the other gods. Since her physical design is ninja inspired, she’s more ninja than samurai but influenced by both (I think).


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