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- Leo/Leon - Lion; Zodiac constellation (top left): turned out looking a bit younger then i intended. tried to do a bit of a birds-eye view perspective, failed as you can see. His outfit consists of shorts, sandals, and some type of shawl/robe thing (can't think of the proper term for it at the moment)
- Taurus/Tauros - Bull; Zodiac Constellation (bottom center): His body looks a bit to short, probably because his waist is off the page, i ran out of room. It was my first real attempt at drawing abs, so with the help of DA artists' many helpful tutorials, i think i did a decent job. the nose ring that you see some bulls wear is worn as a necklace around his neck. Only other clothing is a pair of puffy pants and shoes.
- Lepus/Largos - Hare; Constellation (top right): well as for gender, it was originally meant to be female, but it kinda looks like it could be either. I tried again for perspective, this time going for an upshot, still failed. The outfit was more inspired by more traditional Chinese clothing, the long sleeves resembling more Japanese kimonos.
The hare doesn't really fit with the other constellations i drew, i just drew her(/him) just for fun. Maybe I'll just make it the moon bunny instead...

When I saw
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