Moonlight Hakes Picture

On a cool night
When the moon is closest to the ground
Beside the oldest oak in the forest
A hakes can be found
You must be cautious though
And be sure you show much respect
Or else this fanciful night
Will turn deadlier than you expect
A hakes is part human, part snake being. It's a creature I thought of awhile ago. It probably has a more proper name and was already invented though.
Anyway, in my mind at least, hakes are seductive and tempting creatures. Though human, they tend to have a more snake-like diet: mice, smaller snakes, rats, shrews, birds, some fruits. They can be cruel and when treated disrespectfully, they bring misfortune to you either physically or mentally. Hakes are created by the gods turning a human who has done an unforgivable, extremely cruel sin towards another person into one or two mating with another.
I did this little sketch during work.

Enjoy and please comment!
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