Mboi Tui Picture

In South central america the Guarani culture Mythology has a myth about a personification of darkness nakmed Tau battling with a personification of good who wants to stop him from being with a beautiful woman named Kerana. either tau kidnaps her or she runs away with him anyway the local moon goddess Arasy turns their children into monsters
I like to think of them like Rpg bosses and I intend to draw the rest instead of painting them

1 Teju jagua- giant lizard body with 1 giant dog head or 5 dog heads has limited mobility. the most docile and gentle of its brothers. its the god/ lord/ guardian of caves and protector of fruit and buried treasure. his skin/ scales are covered in gold and treasure

2 Mboi Tui - a snake with the head of a parrot, its scaly with streaked feathers covering head, a forked red tongue. likes swamps, amphibians, Humidty, flowers. has extremely loud squawk that instills fear in all. the god / guardian of wetlands, waterways,and aquatic animals. i should note that i based My design off a type of snake called a chrysopelea or flying snake which is native of Asia. this snake is brightly colored and can flatten out its rib cage so that it can glide in a side-winding motion for hundreds of meters. anyway its the perfect fit for a half parrot half snake creature this should be a clip of it flying youtube.com/watch?v=HMs8Cu8PNKM

3 monai -and enormous serpent with colorful straight horns- which function as hypnotic antennae. fond of stealing things hides them in cave His domain is the open fields, but is also said to live in deep rivers and inaccessible regions He can climb trees with ease and hunt birds, hypnotizing them with his antenna. He is called “Senor de los campos”, Master of the countryside. He is Lord of the land, air and birds. god / guardian of open fields hmmm didn't see the stuff about birds or air last time i looked.

4 yase Yatere/ jase jatere- His name literally means “a piece of the moon”. He appears as a small, fair-skinned , child with very light, even blonde hair and almost blue eyes. He carries with him a magical golden staff or cane sometimes depicted with a snake’s head. He is Lord of the siesta. usually invisible Yasy Yatere roams about during the siesta nap time. He is usually invisible and finds any disobedient children about not sleeping. He hypnotizes them with his wand and takes them deep into the forest. There are different versions of the story. In some, he only plays with them and feeds them honey and fruit during siesta time and returns them safely home. But in other stories, he tortures and kills them or worse yet takes them to his man-eating brother Ao-Ao. He is also considered the protector of hidden treasure. If one can take his magical staff from him, he will break down and cry like a child. Then you can order him to take you to his hidden treasure. Like most of his brothers he dwells in the wild. He is also protector of the the Yerba Mate plant, a popular tea in Paraguay, as well as birds, wild fruits and animals. he also feeds his brother teju jagua Hiney and fruit. god of the siesta

5 Kurupi- a short, ugly, hairy man has an extemely log prhensile penis that he wraps around his body several time like a belt. Curupi is said to impregnate young girls while they sleep. Sometimes without entering the house! He is often blamed for unwanted or unexpected pregnancies and sometimes said to kidnap and rape young girls/ women. he is said to help people have children and is protector of wild animals and fruits.He is the god of fertility and reproduction.

6. Ao Ao sheep like body with wolf fangs or wolf head. Alternatively, it is also described as being a large, carnivorous peccary Its name is derived from the sound that it makes, howling "Ao ao ao!" when it is pursuing its victims. an extremely persistant predator will dig up a trees roots to get someone who climbs up a tree, eats solely humans and clothing, ao ao have many offspring with sheep. afraid of palm trees. god of Hills and Mountains and also a fertility spirit

7. Luison- He was of vaguely human appearance, but said to be extremely ugly, even horrendous looking. Luison had long, dirty hair that fell down to cover most of his form, pale and sickly looking skin and eyes, and accompanied by the constant, fetid odor of death and decay. So frightening and repulsive was his appearance that his mere presence would instill terror in any unfortunate enough to encounter the beast.lives in cemetaries and burial grounds. werewolf like- after europeans came. god of death, night, and all things related to death
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