My Pantheon Picture

These are my characters. Let's just go down the list, shall we?

Eluned- Welsh, “image” or “idol”; Goddess of Chaos
Ayla- “moonlight” in Turkish (possibly); Goddess of the Heavens
Seren- Welsh for “star”; God of the Earth as a whole
Eulalie- French form of Eulalia, meaning “to talk well” or “sweet talk”; Goddess of the Moon
Eerikki- Finnish form of Eric, probably “ever ruler”; God of the Sun
Zoja- Czech and Polish form of Zoe, meaning “life”; Goddess of Water
Yakiv- Ukrainian form of Jacob, “supplanter” or “may God protect”; God of Earth
Fiacre- French form of Fiachra, meaning “raven”; God of Animals
Shukriya- Turkish, “thanking”; Goddess of Plants
Endymion- (no name meaning?); Eulalie's lover (taken from Greek mythology, yeah)

Oh, this project took forever. FOREVER. I started around the start of vacation and just finished today.

All © Me and me alone
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