- Capture the Misty Dawn Picture

Drawn: 6/8/10

The King of the Gods captures the Titaness of Dawn...

... and thus Zeus finds himself another conquest, Eos. Whom don't looked too pleased with that fact, nor the idea of possibly facing Hera's wrath at some point in the near future.

An art trade with the fantastic *TheDutchesse. The personal rendition of Zeus from her storyline, Reaching For Olympus, and my interpretation on what Eos MAY look like in that world.

Personally I take it that Ersa is their kid instead of Selene/Zeus, since it makes more sense for the Dew Goddess to be the daughter of Dawn instead of the Moon.

XD BLAGH, need to stop ranting.

Unfortunately I forgot to include the flowers that typically were sewn into the rosy-fingered Eos' saffron dress, but I think she already looks busy enough with her ensemble there.


Hope you enjoy,
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