It ends tonight Picture

it is based on some real events of what we have been through and other things as well. took me a good time to get it the way i want it all. have done some extra details in it.
wanted to make a drawing of the both of them being together was a while ago when i had them together. just sharing the love and care they have for one a other.
and yes Mydray has a small braid now in her hair i like that so i am keeping that in the design now i might changes Mydray a bit but i am not sure yet.

Mydray walked to her mate as she sat down before him being upset and feeling a bit awful. trying to help some friends but also between her and her mate it had not been to smooth either. Mydray being on edge a little for some things but she had said sorry to him. then she was all leaning against Thoran as he was calming her down. knowing she was feeling horrible well little bit less then before. both being through a lot and now it just get a bit to much for Mydray to bare all the stress a much more other things that they have been looking up to of what happened.

Mydray : ...I do not know what to do anymore... everything is just...
Thoran : i know, i know it will be fine really. They are just idiots and always have been like that dear.
Mydray sighs deeply as she just nodded at what he was telling her, she knew he was right about that. ''i just hate it that they just try to tare us a part or atleast say things what are not true. I am just scared''
Thoran : i know you are Mydray but you know i would not let you go no matter what is going to happen i will be there for you.
Mydray : Glad you have always been there for me even when i was so lost, only you was the one that truly was there for me.
Thoran : i know, let us just now enjoy the night we have together as we go watch the full moon furball.
He placed his head on her neck still worried about her since she took things Always to herself blaming herself for a lot of things.


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