Teen Wolf Reboot - creation of the werewolves Picture

When Teen Wolf wanted to introduce their canon mythology, they stated basically some jumbled together version of the any Lycaeon myths (ancient Greece) as explanation mixed with some druids who helped Lycaeon and his sons (of course they are all men) to change back. I know some liked that, but for me it was a sign of laziness and incompetence. You know apart from the fact that "cursed into being ravaging wolf beasts that can change back thanks to druids" reminds me of the story of World of Warcraft's Worgen, but that story explains nothing. In the story those men change between wolf and men, but in the show the average werewolf looks nothing like a wolf, they look more like hairy demon elves. Also how does that story explain their strength, their telepathy, that their look changes, their regeneration, the wolfs-bane or the moon etc.?
A much better explanation would be, basing their origin on the myth of the goddess Ishtarr transforming one of her lovers into a wolf. Now in the story he gets killed by his dogs, but you can write around that. Also she is the goddess of war, love and sex, which would fit the design of Teen Wolf perfectly and her father is even the moon god and she is known to be quite fickle, just say her daddy made her transform the shepherd again and all. Wouldn't that be a better origin story?
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