MC Concepts - Catoblepas Picture

Greetings once again people! Now, I have the feeling that a few of you were worrying that I'd gone offline to do college work again (an honorable reason though, of course) but obviously, you're not blessed enough to be rid of me. You nearly were, due to shizer internet connection, searching for ideas, modeling, texturing and so forth. Speaking of ideas, behold a giant long necked cow with toxic breath. Oddly enough, this is an actual myth that might of originated from wildebeest (poor little ungulates), and mention of it can be found here…, at number 7. With its texture, Ii decided to go for a sludge green colour that suggested that grass and other swamp related foliage was growing out of this hideous monster. Concerning the model, I was planning on adding tusks, but due to my amazing memory I didn't. However, I think it could be larger but that's just my opinion. What do you lot think?
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