Coyolxauhqui's last stand Picture

Stuff from my sketchbook and the CUETZPALIN Mythos, somewhat inspired by the Ancient Mexica Cosmology

This is another view on the well known tale in which Coyolxauhqui, a moon-related deity and leader of the Centzonhuitznahua - "Four Hundred Southerners", has tried to kill her mother, the Earth Goddess Coatlicue, on Coatepec. What happens is that Coatlicue, who was expecting a miraculous son, gives birth to a warrior-born god of war armed with the Xiuhcoatl, that immediately kills her would-be matricidal murderers, including her daughter, who is left dismembered.

In the CUETZPALIN Mythos, this event has been the apex of a series of rebellions which Coyolxauhqui begun throughout Aztlán against Huitzopoca, during the Topakhon Wars, and happened about 4300 years ago.

I hope to paint this digitally soon

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