Wenetinle Species info Picture


Are spirits of rabbits who showed strength of the character while alive. Lapine mythology clearly stats that Lord Frith grants the courageous rabbit the ability to roam the universe freely as a spirit.

Physical traits:

Wenetinlé are mainly of the fire and water element. Sometimes other elements may pop up every now and then.
The other elements are earth and air. They have the ability to float/fly around even though they do not have wings
They are a wondering spirit that is attached to their human even in the afterlife.

Their fur can be any pattern or color. The fur can also be based off of a real rabbit fur coat. The element traits can also be any color as well. The eye color can be anything as well but they will match some of the markings.

Weight range: 3lb - 20lbs
The weight depends on what breed of rabbit that they once were.

Common traits:

Medium sized ears
Normal eyes
Normal Eye marking
two different nose markings

Uncommon traits:

Small ears
Large ears
min. elements.
two different nose markings
Medium length eye ring marking

Rare traits:

lop ears
crescent moon pupils
Star pupils
Bi colored element colors
two different nose markings
Long length eye ring marking
Air- tail cloud can take different shapes

Very Rare:

Feathered ears
Special eyes i.e.
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