[NG] Selene Picture

Name: Selene

Nicknames: Sel

Parents: Princess Luna and Prince Loki

Occupation: Princess

Relationship: None at the moment

Special Talent: Her cutie mark consists of a blue feather and a few stars. It represents her talent for thinking of and creating new constellations.

Personality: Despite being a daughter to Loki, in contrast to her sister Aurora, Selene is not much of a trickster. She prefers peace and quiet and is rather happy about not being the first-born so she’s not heir to the throne. She will always try to help her subjects if they ask her to, though. Selene would like to bury herself in old books all day if it wasn’t for her duties that she has to attend to since she’s still a princess. She’s extremely interested in humans, too, and she often borrows books about them and their history from her father’s library. She’s a kind and reliable pony and she puts a lot of effort into doing what’s right. In her free time, she likes writing about her favorite subjects mythology and history and braiding bracelets. Aurora thinks that the latter is not a very royal hobby and she would never wear the bracelets her sister gifts her but she does keep them as her most sacred possessions.

Bio: Not long after Luna returned from her imprisonment on the moon, she was reunited with the one she had loved before she was banished. Soon, she married the prince from the faraway land called Asgard and Princess Selene was born as the second of two sisters. Due to her striking resemblance to Nightmare Moon, ponies avoided her at first but soon noticed her kind heart and grew to love the princess. Selene dislikes her sister studying dark magic and secretly wished she’d stop but never says anything about it because she knows it will only anger Aurora.


o Her mane starts glowing when she uses magic in relation to her special talent

o She’s good friends with Hector

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