KeypersCove Character Design Picture

Key (c) KeypersCove Original can be found here:…
Art/Character design (c) AndMyShadow

Edit: I've changed the picture mostly because for some strange reason it shows up really really darkly on deviant art even though it looks fine in gimp.gnu and windows gallery.

For Keyperscove's contest:…

Headcanons and ideas for this character:
- I want him to have some kind of insane and grandiose name (like Zeus or Thor or something else from mythology)
- I imagine him to be no bigger than my dog (a havanese, so about 9.1 inches at the withers)
- Personality: bull like... so, easy to annoy, violent/destructive (except limited to the kind of damage you can do when you have to look up to see what's on the couch table)

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