Primal Emperor Series YMIR Picture


Max Height: 45 meters
Max Weight: 16,500 tons

- Unique physiology makes bullets useless against it.
- intelligence
- not aggressive unless provoked
- Prehensile tail
- Sharp claws and teeth
- Has an unusual taste for sulfur

BIO: In 1970 a US rocket along with 4 astronauts was sent to explore the planet Venus to see if or any life at all can live there. the astronauts then come across a strange gelatonus orb and bring it back to the ship and head back to earth. however on there long journey back "something" had attacked the ship and killed the crew inside the gelantonus orb was left to float out in space for several years before even coming close to earth. it would've gotten near earth 6 years from that day
47 Years Later
A japanese scientist Dr. Shira Kozumi who had just found a prefectly preserved Bull Rhedosaurus that was trapped in a huge chunk of ice in the Arctic had then came across the gelatinous egg. A small creature hatches from the jelly-like mass and would've imprineted on Dr. Kozumi. Kozumi then continues her studys on the "Ymir" (a name that she gave it after reading a book on Norse mythology). The creature grows in size and strength but is surprisingly gentle and is only agressive unless provoked. as the Ymir got larger it became harder to contain, Dr.Huu's soldiers had manage to see beast from Venus and try to capture him but were repelled by the Monster in the mis of the chaos The Rhedosaurus was slowly thawing out from his icy prison. it wouldn't be long when Ymir confronted King Kong himself and while through missunderstanding of who was the enemy (which resulted in the 2 getting into a big fight that ended in a draw) the 2 beasts then confront a even more horrifingy monster that was hunting Ymir.

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