Kamigami Gakuen: Bast Picture

The Goddess
GOD: Bast: Goddess of protection, the sun and moon, cats, the home and fire
POWERS: Fire, full cat transformation and soul burning fire.

The Student
NAME: Bast (Bastet)
DATE OF BIRTH: Bast’s feast day, October 31st

AGE: appears to be early 20's
GENDER: Female
SEXUALITY: heterosexual
CLUB: Gardening

The History
BIOGRAPHY: Bast was a very powerful warrior who would protect her father and those who are devoted to her. She used to be part lioness but turned into a black cat to defeat the serpent Apep assuring that the sun will rise for the days to come. After the fall of Apep she adopted her black cat form as her true form.
PERSONALITY: Protective, aggressive, fair and caring.
LIKES: Cats, the sky, plants, and her family.
DISLIKES: Cruelty, being alone (for centuries), lies, and being wet.
RELATIONSHIPS: Bast is really devoted to her family both her father Ra and her twin sister Sekhmet. She is friends with Horis who she views as family despite the fact that he is not. She met Anubis before but they are separated by the fact that he is in the underworld so her relationship with him is newish.

Side note: Bast's name was changed to Bastet showing that she had less power. She doesn't get upset about the name unless they know the being behind the "et" (like Horus).


To Horus: "And where have you been for the last millennia? Protecting a pharaoh?"

"I find this all really interesting actually!"

"I'm a cat goddess... they come to me naturally... good kitty"

"Not much grows in the desert; my favorite plant is the desert rose."

"They did what?!? They should be slaughtered for that!"

Music, Gym and metal/wood works.

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