Aine Picture

AINE (pronounced AW-neh), is also known as Aine Marina, Aine of Knockaine and the Fairy Queen of Munster. It is believed she lived in Knockany (Cnoc Aine or "Aine's Hill") and is one of the most well-known goddesses in Celtic mythology.

Her name means Delight,Agility, Pleasure.Very appropriate for a Lady known as the Sweetheart os Sidhe.

Aine has been viewed, at various times, as both a Sun Goddess and a Moon Goddess. While she was in her original role as a Sun Goddess, Aine was nicknamed “bright,” and it was when she was in that role that she was able to shape-shift into becoming “Lair Derg,” the ”Red Mare,” or the horse that never could be outrun. Traditionally, Sun Goddesses have been known as Goddesses of Love and Fertility, and Aine followed in that tradition with great enthusiasm. It was during a much later period in time that Aine developed the characteristics of a more maternal Moon Goddess, and was believed to guard her followers’ livestock and crops. There are farmers, even today, who perform the exact same rituals that their ancestors performed thousands of years ago. At midsummer, they walk through their fields and wave their torches, in the hope that Aine and her sacred fire might grant them an abundant harvest. Farmers also continue to burn flowers and straw, as another way of honoring Aine, in the hope that she might grant them freedom from illness and evil throughout another turn of the Wheel of the Year.

She is credited for giving meadowseet its delicate scent.

She is said to have mated with several humans, creating a the fairy race. She was raped by Ailill Olum, a Munster king, but her vast magickal arts destroyed him for his violation of her and. To modern pagans, She is a defender of women and a avenger of sexual crimes.

She is beauty, grace, passion, for better or worse. She is every poet' muse and was believed able to gift men with either madness or creative inspiration.
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