Diana / Artemis Goddess of Nature Autumn Picture

Diana / Artemis Goddess of Nature Autumn

For those of you who create 3D renders, just the forest scene took over 32 continuous hours to render out! Probably the longest render I have made in several years.

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Thank you for your interest in my artwork. I wish to express my deep gratitude to the awesome artists and software developers listed below who have made this 3D render artwork possible.

Photoshop CC

Genesis 3 Female

DAZ Studio 4.9

Professional Comic Actions

FWSA Taia for V7 Character

People of Earth: Faces of Africa

Studded Sandals

Lune Nails

Artemis Moon Outfit

Artemis Moon Outfit Textures


RDNA Humming Bird

Pronghorn Antelope

Safari Animal Poses

Position Helper

Forest Autumn

Free Spirit Hair and Morphs

The Dragon Hunter Outfit

Design Tool Box Flooring Shaders

Purple Esmeralda Outfit Panties

Gemologica Shader

X-Fashion Turban Scarf

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