MCA APP: Mizuki Kono Picture

First Name: Mizuki (means Beautiful Moon)
Last Name: Kono (small field)

Age: 19 B-day Nov. 12
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8
Weight: 120lbs
Orientation: Bi
Dorm: Pearl

Skill: Can morph anything into a weapon( basically for now just knows how to turn her gloves into hand claws and a staff in to a scythe). Can do hand to hand combat really well.

Likes: Baths
the cold
being lazy
shiny things
art, nice hair
amazing fun, beautiful men
She loves new people and meat aswell.

Dislikes: Humans
the heat
learning healing tech
being waken up
annoying people.

Personality: Shes a very crazy girl, anything thats weird she'll probably have already do that. She loves to be around others and always gets her self lost. Mizuki is hardly serious, it always seems like she's out of it and doesn't know anything, but don't let it foul you. She's kind and honest. Super blunt and loves to party. Along with enjoying others being drunk, which she makes her own drinks.Her second personally is now joined with her and she can literately become crazy and snap sometimes. She gets touchy and talks of blood, and experimenting on that person.

History: Both her parents were humans. Her mother, friends and her pet dog loved her very much. But one night, her MC friends died mysteriously. The next morning, she awoke to see her mother dead. She died trying to stop her husband from killing Mizuki. Her father torturing her dog, whom also fought back to save Mizuki . Her fathers job was to kill Mono-Chromatics and had kept it a secret. Even though it was her fathers job to kill them, he still loved his daughter and refused to kill her but eventually, he was forced to.Once he was done with the dog, with a grin and gleam in his eyes he went to Mizuki. He attacked her and stabbed her in the eye and her MC side took over and she went berserk. After she killed her father in her fit of rage, she went into his office and found files on Mono-Chromatic Academy and traveled there to learn how to control her berserk mode.

Dark Arts

Additional Info:
- She has a soft side for animals
- Loyal to her friends
- Because of her pass she no longer knows what love really is so when someone likes her she has no clue
- Gets nervous when tails are messed with
- likes to get others drunk (warning)
-She once experimented on her tail causing it to eat like a Venus fly trap, and in a weird way senses emotions of others.

Mizuki (c)
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