of Bygone Legends Picture

My apologies for having so long a span between postings.

Frazetta died earlier this year. Since then I have been in and out of severe depressions and could get Little drawing done.
I have started some 6 pieces, and of them, This is the only one I have managed to commit to and complete.

It is a piece of my lost and battered soul, and all my anguish, self loathing, guilt, despair, loss and loneliness were poured heartfeltly Into it.
It is also among the most detailed pieces I have ever done.
It is a shame that some how the scanning process I am using makes reasonable prints, but does not show well here on DA. I dont know why that is.
the original is darker, done entirely in 2B pencil, and if you are wondering just how depressed and at some stages, How suicidal I was? Thats my Real blood used for what little color there is.
(Im feeling Much better now thanx)

Some of the details are so fine and tiny they cannot be seen here. shame that.
Btw, I Dare any one to try Inking This!
Knock yer self out.

My next projects?
I intend to do some actual Super hero drawings.
Hulk. Batman, super girl maybe.
stay tuned for that. Same bat time, same bat channel.
~ Grant Moon.

Those whom have inked or colored this piece can be found here...
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